Self-Care While Social Distancing

While Hong Kong has managed to avoid a complete lockdown, many of us have been diligent in social distancing by working from home and shifting to operating online. School has been suspended for over 2 months now and we often find ourselves tired and spent, mentally and emotionally.

In times like this, we need to refocus and prioritise our health first and foremost. Recreating a proactive and productive routine that balances time between work, family, and self-care is of utmost importance. Below you will find my morning routine to inspire and motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this challenging time.

6:00am: Rise & Shine. The first thing I do is use Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash especially now when Covid-19 is a concern. Betadine helps kill bacteria which often causes flu and illness.

6:15 am: Coffee and Quiet Time

6:30 am: Power Run around my community in Pok Fu Lam.

7:15 am: Pamper Up. I spend this time to get ready. After a nice hot shower, I blow dry my hair and apply a light makeup for a beautiful, fresh look for the day. This helps me feel good about myself which then gives me a positive outlook despite of what comes my way.

8:15 am: Breakfast. My power breakfast usually consists of fresh fruit bowls with granola yogurt, honey, and chia seeds. I also take my essential supplements such as Vitamin C, effervescent tablet and multivitamins.

8:45 am: Playtime with my children

9:00 am: Homework with my children

9:30 am: Work on my businesses such as Beyond Beauty Global and Sense of Touch.

11:00 am: Short Break. A light snack of almonds and a power bar while I read the news or an inspiring book to refresh my mind. I switch this up and sometimes listen to my favourite tunes on Spotify to help calm my mind and soul.

11:15 am: Back to Work

12:30 pm: Healthy Lunch

To wrap up, Do what works for you as there is no right or wrong way to create a routine. The trick is to start with baby steps and stick to it. Keep safe and healthy!

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