Business Authenticity: Are You Keeping It Real?

Authenticity is an essential part of our core values here at Beyond Beauty Global. Ingrained in our brand’s DNA, we give massive importance to being real thus our actions are congruent with our beliefs. Our purpose is to be of service to companies or individuals that need our expertise, which is premium brand and marketing strategy, business conceptualization and development focused in the health, wellness, and beauty sector. This is crucial in growing a business where people and brands often face the challenge of nurturing its reliability, credibility, and consistency.

So how can you build an authentic brand or business?

1. KNOW YOUR PURPOSE - What is the REAL reason why you started the business or working on your current role? What can you add value to the organization or consumers that avail your services or product? Are you just in it to make money or to make an impact? Once you have identified your purpose, your next steps will be clearer.

Photo Credit: Banksy

2. FIND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS - Not all passions can translate to business, but when your passion is a solution to a problem, that becomes a genuine service to your target audience. It is then easier to engage and nurture sustainable connections with people you work with - from investors, clients, and suppliers. This is proper authentic relationship-building.

3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE - This might sound cliché but vital to your work environment. Associate yourself with intelligent and smart people with heart and a good work ethic. Find individuals who believe in your business and brand with as much conviction as you. Skills are easy to teach, but a team that is passionate about your brand will stay for the long haul if you treat them fair and right. Surrounding yourself with authentic people will push you to be a better person and leader every day.

4. HAVE INTEGRITY - Having integrity means being honest and following your moral and ethical convictions all throughout – it is doing the right thing in all circumstances even if no one is watching. As a business owner, it is being true to yourself and acknowledging your weakness. Being open about your weaknesses demonstrates truthfulness and empowers others to take lead which highlights responsibility and accountability.

5. BE CONSISTENT - Authenticity equates to consistency. Your actions should always align with your words. Your product and your service should always be top-notch every day. Consistency brings order to organizations which helps both leadership and employees regularly achieve brand and business objectives.

A recent article I came across provides a better understanding of business authenticity. Airbnb Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky wrote an honest message to his employees about the current situation at AirBnb and why the company is reducing the size of its workforce during this pandemic. He shared multiple reasons how he arrived at his decision, what his care package would look like for those leaving and what will happen to the company next. You may find the full article here.

In a world where everything is becoming more virtual and digital connections are proving extremely vital to any organization, people and consumers long for genuine communication, interaction and experiences. This will prove crucial now, more than ever especially after our fight with Covid-19.

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