Beyond Beauty Global is an enterprise consultancy specializing in upscale lifestyle and wellness business markets. Our services cater to premium and luxury lifestyle brands, spa and wellness establishments, beauty companies, hospitality groups, branding agencies, and corporate entities. Valuing sophistication, innovation, and authenticity, we aim to imbue clients with the tools to achieve pronounced success and distinction.

Our Mission

Beyond Beauty Global aims to be the top-of-mind leader in the upscale, lifestyle and wellness industry markets, a brand synonymous with sophistication, innovation, and authenticity. We represent excellence, integrity, honor, and a blend of tradition and modernity.

Our Vision
  • Sophistication, Innovation, and Authenticity are our core values, comprising a substantial part of our brand DNA. Combined, these three qualities serve as our foundation, validate our endeavors, and will forever be at the heart of our work and services.

  • Consistency in Excellence – we never compromise on quality. Meticulous attention to detail is at all times paid in pursuit of perfection, a constant quest for excellence that distinguishes our brand.

  • Inspirational, Aspirational, and Essential – we remain foremost an amicable business partner nurturing client confidence across all touchpoints and associations, thoroughly devoted to providing great value and tangible returns.

Our Founders
and CEO

Internationally recognized entrepreneur and 

spa industry authority

and CMO

Luxury brand

specialist and

marketing strategist

Jane Dee
Anna Treier
Spa, Wellness, and Lifestyle
Business Development

Beyond Beauty Global offers end-to-end support and expertise for businesses in the lifestyle-focused industries — from ideation to operations and training. We offer comprehensive procedures and strategies for new and existing brands who need to take their businesses to higher heights.

Brand and Image Consultation

Beyond Beauty Global’s 360° brand and image consultancy delivers insights and identifies opportunities for innovation and elevating client presence in the public sphere. Upon gaining a thorough knowledge of the brand, we work closely with in-house commercial and marketing teams to determine immediate and long-term goals and build action plans around them. From creative consulting to development of communication strategies, our service repertoire, reinforced by key industry relationships, brings bold ideas to life.

Bespoke Customer Services

Beyond Beauty Global provides tailor-made business solutions to clients — from the development of digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business to providing support to upscale events and galas, we create authentic luxury brand experiences integrated across multiple platforms.

Training and Workshops

We offer bespoke training and strategic planning solutions for wellness and upscale businesses. This series of intensive workshops are designed to help organizations accomplish multiple objectives from identifying potential opportunities to improving company performance and driving revenue growth.